Anal Play in Real Time

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If you haven’t checked out any live cams recently, that really needs to change. I am blown away by how much they have changed for the better over the years. It’s also really encouraging to see just how many hot guys are doing it. Some might be gay for pay and just looking to make a little extra cash, but in my experience, most of the guys love the attention, the chance to show themselves jerking off, and the idea of being paid for it.

Earlier today, I was enjoying the skeepywashere live chat and was really surprised at how much he was doing while still in free chat. 19-years-old and a total cutie, I was blown away by his fun yet handsome smile and just how open he was with the guys in the room. I knew if I didn’t act fast, somebody else would take him into private, so I paid the price and got him to myself for a bit.

He wasn’t at all shy about fingering and toying his asshole for me as I jerked my cock. It was a great show and you’d be wise to check him out sometime.